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Graduating from Berkeley with my second Master's Degree

11 years ago I was a freshman at The University of Texas at Austin. I was struggling to make it through my first year and the thought of going to graduate school was nonexistent. Yesterday, I received my SECOND Master's Degree from the University of California, Berkeley and graduated as a Berkeley Distinguished Fellow (just four years after graduating with my FIRST Master's, an MFA, from California College of the Arts).

Thank you to my wonderful husband John V. Nepomuceno, baby brother, Albert Anciso , and my friend, Carolina Juarez for being there with me on this special day. Thank you to all those that supported me along the way. Thank you to all those that didn't and still don't believe in keep me motivated. Thank you to my family, most importantly, my parents, for all of your love and support. Although you were not able to physically be there, you still got to see me walk across the stage. Please know that I could have never made it this far without you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Natalia Anciso, MFA, MA

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