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07.05.14 | "13 Young Latina Artists Changing the Contemporary Arts Landscape" | by Priscilla Frank, The Huffington Post

Opening excerpt from article
When family tales are passed from generation to generation with no single point of origin, when history fails to document years of pain and struggle, when personal identity becomes too complex to describe in a single sitting, when memory and imagination mingle in the land of dreams, this is where art comes in very handy.  For young Latina artists, art is an invaluable tool to archive the past, understand the present and activate change in the future. Yet, as with many underrepresented populations, Latina artists and the work they produce are often silenced and overlooked. An exhibition entitled "Y, Qué? (And What!)" is here to change that.


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"'Young Latina Artists 19: Y, Qué?'
San Antonio's Más Rudas Chicana Collective fills Mexic-Arte's summer showcase with work by women"
by Robert Fairies, Ausin Chronicle

Opening excerpt from article
What a difference an "a" makes.
The one that this year displaces an "o" in the title of the annual summer exhibit at Mexic-Arte Museum signals a first in that institution's longtime support of artists early in their careers. What has been for almost two decades now the "Young Latino Artists" show, presenting work by artists age 35 and younger, will be the "Young Latina Artists" show in 2014. While women have had their work included in numerous "YLA" exhibits over the years, this will be the first time since 1996 that the show will feature art exclusively by women.

"Cannibalism Is the Theme of the MexiCali Biennial. But Not in the Way You'd Think"
by Alissa Walker, LA Weekly

Opening excerpt from article:
Upon entering the 2013 MexiCali Biennial, visitors will be asked by a security guard to position their heads in the oval opening of a steel panel, where a camera will document their faces. In order to be admitted to the exhibition, visitors must agree to do this....

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"Mexicanisimo at San Jose Museum of Art"

by Maureen Davidson,

Opening excerpt from article:
The San Jose Museum of Art's new show, Mexicanismo, features works of irony and heartbreak by 13 artists.

The glistening black moustache spirals downward and outward—riotous parentheses for the red-veined drinker’s nose protruding far beyond the shelter of a towering sombrero.

Pop-eyed, dilated, soul-patched and stylishly draped, the 4-foot figure, sculpted impossibly of vividly transparent blown glass, stands with shoulders flung back, belly thrust forward, hands angling up from the wrists, in a “Whaaa—hey, man, I didn’t do it’ gesture.

El Immortal by the de la Torre brothers welcomes visitors to Mexicanismo Through Artists’ Eyes, just opened at San Jose Museum of Art...

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"Arte visual de Mexico en Bruselas"
by Shinji Harper, Ciudadania Express, Oaxaca, MX

Opening excerpt from article:
Oaxaca, Mèxico.- El Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Bruselas Reciclart, presenta este 27 de octubre, una proyección de imágenes del trabajo más representativo de los últimos tiempos realizado por artistas visuales mexicanos y oaxaqueños.

La proyección tendrá lugar en el Estudio Marcel, recinto de proyección e intercambio artístico de las diferentes disciplinas visuales, convertido en un punto de referencia para la comunidad de Bruselas, Bélgica.

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"Sensorial - The MFA Exhibition at the
California College of the Arts"
by JD Beltran, San Francisco Chronicle

Opening excerpt from article:
There's SO much going on in the visual arts this week and weekend, it's impossible to take it all in - three art fairs (ArtPad at the Phoenix Hotel, ArtMkt at the Concourse Exhibition Hall, and the San Francisco Fine Art Fair at Fort Mason, plus at least six MFA shows (San Francisco State University, the San Francisco Art Institute, Mills College, the California College of the Arts, the University of California, Berkeley, AND Stanford University) are all up at the moment!

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Spring 2011
"Mano/Mundo/Corazon:  Artists Interpret La Loteria at the Center for Book & Paper Arts"
El Columbiana Latino Cultural Affairs Newsletter of
Columbia College Chicago

Opening excerpt from the article:
The Center for Book & Paper Arts presented an exhibition based on the Mexican Loteria game.  Mano/Mundo/Corazon:  Artists Interpret La Loteria featured over 60 artists and included prints, drawings, installations, photographs and paintings - all of which reference, appropriate or incorporate the Mexican game.

The exhibition featured artists from diverse backgrounds and ran from early September through December 10 at the Center for Book & Paper Arts, 1104 S. Wabash [Chicago, Illinois].

"Con nuevo rostro"
Artistas le dan una cara distinta a la loteria mexicana
By Areli E. Padilla, La Raza Chicago

Opening excerpt from the article:
Mano/Mundo/Corazón es la nueva exhibición del Columbia College de Chicago. La muestra una colección de fotografías, pinturas e instalaciones- está basado en el popular juego de azar mexicano, la lotería.

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